Promotional Sweets Eco Freindly packaging1
  • SatchelBag_KalfanyThumbsGummys-1024x1024
  • Eco-Flow-Bag-_Skittles-1024x1024
  • Star-Tin-Kalfany-Skittles-1024x1024
  • Eco-Midi-Rectangle-Card-Box_MI-1024x1024
  • Snack-Tin-Maryland-914x1024
  • Eco-Small-Pouch_Skittles-1024x1024
  • Pocket_tin_rainbow_mints-1024x1024
  • Eco-Cube-Box-_-Skittle-1024x1024
  • Techno-Tin-Black-Colours--1024x1024
  • Super-Mini-Click-Clack-Tin-TicTac-1024x1024
  • Maxi-Eco-Pot-footballs-1024x1024
  • Eco-Van-Box-_-Mints-1024x1024
  • Small-Eco-Snack-Tube-_-Shortbread-1024x1024
  • Eco-3-Baton-Box-2-1024x1024
  • Eco-6-Baton-Box-2-1024x1024
  • Eco-House-Box-_-Mint-Imperials-copy-1024x1024
  • SunraySharTin_Quality-Street-1024x1024
  • Eco-Pot-Pick-N-Mix-Stackers-3-1024x1024
  • Bus-Tin_Tea-1024x1024
  • JBF-Slim-Tin1-1024x1024
  • Large-Paint-Tin-Car-Gummys-1024x1024
  • Large-Travel-Sweets-1024x1024
  • Money-Tin-Mint-Imperials-1024x1024

Eco Friendly Packaging Options

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All products have many different packaging options available (as well as shown).  There are also many dietary options too.

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By using ecofriendly packaging materials, you can reduce your company’s impact on the environment. Green packaging not only reduces your carbon footprint and environmental impact but is also beneficial after it has served its purpose as the packaging materials are biodegradable.

This page is all about the packaging options.  All the packaging options on this page are eco friendly

Once you have chosen your style of packaging you can click the here to send you back to the page to shoose which style of sweet you want inside.

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