• Full Colour Flow Wrap Sweets
  • 10,000 Boiled Sweets
  • Promotional-Bradnded-Flow-Wrap-Sweets

Our Super-Duper Double Deal!!

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All products have many different packaging options available (as well as shown).  There are also many dietary options too.

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  • Place any order of between 1000 and 10,000 flow wrapped sweets and we will double it!

    eg, order 3000 and we’ll send you 6000 sweets.  Order 6000 and we’ll send you 12,000.  Order 10,000 and we’ll send you 20,000 sweets.  AMAZEBALLS 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    That’s double the sweets, double the taste, double the opportunity and double the fun!

  • Available in many flavours
  • Best Before 18 Months
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