m12324 - christmas cookie - green1main
  • M12548 - milk chocolate digestive
  • m12324 - christmas cookie - green1
  • M12554 - Biscuit Box
  • M12550 - rich tea
  • M12570 - shortcake biscuit
  • M12512 - Rice Krispies

Traditional Biscuit Options.

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The need for nutritious, easy-to-store, easy-to-carry, and long-lasting foods on long journeys, in particular at sea, was initially solved by taking live food along with a butcher/cook. However, this took up additional space on what were either horse-powered treks or small ships, reducing the time of travel before additional food was required. This resulted in early armies’ adopting the style of hunter-foraging.

Choose from a selection of shortcake, choc-chip, custard cream, chocolate digestive, rich tea and nices biscuits t suit your requirement.

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